The brokerage is growing and great things are happening! Cloud Realty is delighted to announce that it has acquired Performance Real Estate Brokerage (PREB), which successfully operated in downtown Toronto for the past 5 years. We are all excited with this merger and happily welcome all members of PREB to the Cloud Realty family.

Performance Real Estate Brokerage has had a strong foothold in the Toronto Real Estate Market for the past 5 years. This new partnership will only strengthen Cloud Realty’s presence and impact in the Toronto downtown core. We are also using this opportunity to establish an affiliation with Performance Property Management or PPM, which remains an independently owned company. PPM is an established property management company that caters to a vast network of investors, property owners and a client base that includes many brokerages. Cloud Realty Brokerage is proud to be independently associated with PPM as well.

Following this merger, Cloud Realty will continue to espouse the business philosophy that made it a natural fit for the two brokerages to merge as one. Both companies believe in fostering an innovative, collaborative and inspirational work environment where agents are happy and equipped with the knowledge base to serve their clients better than anyone elsewhere. This is a further attestation to Cloud Realty’s unwavering commitment to being a flag bearer of the industry.