We had a real estate agent join us last week, and today he sent me this text message:

“I have this amazing feeling about me joining Cloud Realty. Something big will come out of this union.”

And it got me thinking – what exactly is it about the brokerage that gets our agents so amped up? I certainly won’t take the credit, and I know our coffee isn’t better than anyone else’s.

So I decided to take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come. After all, we’ve been in business just over 2 years and it seems like a ton of things have worked out better than we could have ever planned, leaving me to believe we’ve either underestimated our potential or we’re incredibly lucky.

And the more I think about it, I could probably say that we’re blessed because we have a name that’s ubiquitous and instantly recognizable, or that we’re awesome at fusing technology and real estate in ways most brokerages struggle with. But no matter which way I approach it, it’s undeniable that the narrative of our success is written by our people.

Some in the industry will tell you that the biggest hurdle any brokerage faces is recruiting. It’s so pervasive that whether a brokerage is big or small, new or established, franchised or independent and everything else in-between, it’s the single biggest grievance a real estate company faces. And I would agree – recruiting is hard, which is what makes our journey so different.

We haven’t had to rely on recruiting because we’ve been busy attracting. We’ve been so fortunate to have hired 70 salespeople and brokers who are hungry, collaborative, and inspiring. We’ve been blessed with an unbelievable staff who are dedicated, relentless, and a riot to work with. And somehow the universe has been on our side, because through the sheer energy and affinity of our people, we’ve attracted like-minded individuals to the company who not only share embrace our vision, but actively shape and evolve it. And that means that not only have we’ve grown upwards, we’ve also grown deeper.

It’s been 2 years but the horizon ahead promises even greater wonders and the optics have never looked better. I’m excited to see stories, friendships, and careers bloom before my eyes, and I’m grateful to be part of Cloud’s journey.