As we get closer to the 100 agent mark, it’s become increasingly more important to bring on the right REALTORS® into the brokerage.

Never underestimate the power of people. You can go shop at 3 different Walmart’s selling the same products at the same prices, and yet your experience can be vastly different. In fact, the single biggest reason an individual quits their job is not because they don’t like the company they work for – they probably just hate their boss or the people they work with.

So it’s been so crucial since day one to accept individuals into the company that not only fit into our culture, but help us take it to new heights. I’ve spent considerable time trying to quantify exactly what the perfect realtor for Cloud Realty would look like, and it’s tough. But I think I’ve been able to identify some key attributes that are important:

  1. An voracious appetite for learning. If you were the kind of kid that was so curious that you had to open every drawer, take apart every toy, or struggle carrying new books home from the library every week, you’re already awesome.
  2. You can’t wait to share what you’ve learned with somebody else. What is so special about our brokerage is that our own agents hold training sessions to share their secrets to success. To borrow a powerful African-American phrase, “each one teach one.”
  3. The belief that there is enough business for everybody. When you work from a place of abundance, it dictates the way you treat your colleagues and your clients.
  4. Real estate is not the end-game. Sure, we want to help you succeed in real estate at the highest possible levels, but we know you’re an overachiever that has the capacity to conquer so much more in life. This gets us excited!
  5. You love yourself. Not in an ego-maniac fashion, but honest-to-goodness acceptance of who you are and why you’re special. The world needs you… WE need you. Shine your light with us.

If you’ve been reading this and are astounded because I’ve described you, stop reading right now. Pick up the phone and call me because we need to talk. 905-997-6000, ask for Lang.