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Mark Morris's Biography

With his home planet in ruins, Mark escaped the dying planet of Krypton when he was but a child and made a life on earth that came to largely focus on the Wattertown Ontario Scottish Waffle Festival. Known to taunt both babies and a very specific form of a Brazillian nut-eating antelope, Mark is most often found hanging around old Blockbuster stores with a feigned look of dismay though more recent scholars have re-interpreted that emotion as actually a smug sense of satisfaction. 

Banned from Australia for successfully outlawing the pickle, Mark has made many weird enemies but even more friends. He speaks six languages - all but two made up on the spot, is the proud owner of four spoons and celebrates every single religious festival by dressing up as the Norse Sea-God, Vanhuugen.   

Mark has been known to throw himself into a violent rage when people spell Vanhuugen with an extra U.