Poonam Patel
Deals Administrator

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(905) 997-6000

Poonam Patel's Biography

Poonam was borned and raised in Montreal and fluent in French. She moved to Ontario in 2017 and recently graduated from the University of Toronto-Mississauga with a Major in Biology and double minoring in Forensics and Sociology. Poonam entered the real estate industry when she moved to Ontario where she started working as a part time receptionist and became a full time deals administrator, all the while doing full time school. Outside of working in real estate, she is certified in beauty services and continues on getting more certifications while working another part-time job in the Entertainment industry.

Fun fact about Poonam: When she's not busy doing all of the aforementioned activities, she enjoys eating and grazing on a platter of cheese and sipping on some wine!